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Meet Barry
Elite Coach at Peaks Coaching Group




I look at the bike, whether Road , Trainer, MTB and Cross as a Bodybuilder may look at their tools they train with to achieve their results.  I Love To Train. The Bike and the Gym. The Bike if used for Training can be used for so much More. It's where I go when I want to only Process Me getting into only the Task. That to Me is Mindfulness. 


I can offer you Tailored Workout Plans to you where ever you are in the World through Peaks Coaching Group. Our Goal is for you to improve Your Performance and Achieve Your Fitness Goals. Group Ride, Fondo, Racing or Personal Improvement. That is what Peaks Coaching Group is about. 

I am personally very proud to have been trained by our owner Hunter Allen. Hunter should be on the Mount Rushmore of Modern Cycling Performance Training.  I am Certified in Power Training. I use WKO5 Software along with Training Peaks software and continue to learn every day.

I have also a Strength Core Program along with Live Online Training in the Winter

If you want someone to figure out how with Adult Life? I'm Your Man. Peace, Barry. I hope to Meet You Soon. 

Who is this Hunter Allen?

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What Do You Get ?
  • ​A Coach Who Will Listen To You and Design A Program With Your Lifestyle In Mind

  • Power Based Training

  • 2 Live Meetings and Evaluation Per Month

  • Unlimited Texting

  • Unlimited Phone

  • Weekly Workouts On Your Training Peaks Calendar w Daily Emails of Upcoming Workouts

  • WKO5 Software Analyzation

  • Strength and Mobility Program 

  • No Contract 

  • Available Live 1 on 1 Online Personal Training

The Deal

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